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The emphasis on education in New Zealand is made evident looking at the literacy rate of 99% (age 15 and above can read and write). With world-class educational institutions having state-of-the-art infrastructure and facilities, New Zealand can be seen as every student’s heaven. International students are provided with the best study opportunities and support services in a safe learning environment. Besides primary and secondary schooling (which is free till the age of 19 years), there are eight government-funded universities along with another 25 government-funded polytechnics and institutes of technology.. The average course duration lies between six months and three years.

Popular courses:

Arts, IT, medicine, business, IT, Design, horticulture, architecture, information technology, business administration, fashion studies, dental therapy , nursing, social and community work, music, dance, computer science, mathematics and many more etc.

Benefits of studying here:
  • High standard of living
  • High quality of education
  • Wide range of courses
  • Stable democratic political environment
  • Outdoor adventure sports
Approximate tuition fees:

Under-graduation: NZ$ 18,000 to NZ$ 25,000

Post-graduation: up to NZ$ 40,000

Approximate living expenses: (in NZ$)

8000-10,000-per year

Work permit options:

International students are allowed to work 20 hours a week during terms and full-time during vacation. And after studies students are give open job search visa for one year. Within this duration students are required to find a job after in a related area in order to extend their stay or apply for permanent residency.

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