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GRE is a computer-based test and is conducted by Education Testing Service (ETS). A test mandatory for most of the students who have completed their undergraduate programs in India and who intend to pursue their Master’s and Doctoral programs in the USA.

Total Marks = 340
CBT(Computer Based Test)
Total time = 3 hrs 10min
3 Parts (Maths, Verbal, Writing)

  • Writing - (Bands out of 6)
  • Maths - (170)
  • Verbal - (170)
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Section Number of Question Type of Questions Time Score
Analytical Writting 2 Essays Analysis of Issue
Analysis of Argument
Verbal 30 Text Completion
Sentence Equivalence
30mins 170
Quantitative 28 Quantitative
Discrete Math
45mins 170
Total Time Approx 3 hrs 15mins 340

Test start with WRITING SECTION (compulsory you have to type Essay)

Analytical Writing
Part - 1 Analyze an Issue
  • Time: 30 min
  • No option
  • General topic they will give from pool of topic.You have to take your position and you have to support your side.
Part-2 Analyze an Argument
  • Time: 30 min
  • No options
  • Generally topic they will give from pool of topic, you have to find what author wants to say and you have to oppose (argue) author’s position.
Verbal Reasoning
  • You will get 2 separate section of verbal reasoning.
  • Each section has 20 Questions.
  • Each section has 30 Minutes time.

3 types of questions

1st type – Reading Comprehension
  • In that, you have to read paragraph and select answer from five answer choices.
  • In that 3 types of questions can be asked
    • 1. Multiple choice Questions-Select one Answer choice
    • 2. Multiple choice Questions- Select one or More Answer choices
      • These questions provide three answer choices, select all that are correct
    • 3. Select in passage: Choose the sentence in the passage that meets certain description.
2nd type – Test Completion Questions
  • In that, select one entry from the corresponding column of choices for each blank.
  • Fill all blanks in the way that best completes the text.
3rd type – Sentence Equivalence Questions
  • Select the two answer choices that, when used to complete the sentence, fit the meaning of the sentence as a whole and produce completed sentences that are alike in meaning.
Quantitative Reasoning
  • You will get 2 separate sections of Quantitative Reasoning
  • Each Section has 35 Minutes.
  • Each section has 20 Questions.
  • 3 types of questions
1st type – Multiple choice Questions

(1) Select one Answer choice:

  • These questions are multiple-choice questions that ask you to select only one answer choice from a list of five choices

(2) Select one or More Answer choices:

  • Select one or more answer choices according to the specific question directions.
  • If the question does not specify how many answer choices to select, select all that apply.
  • The correct answer may be just one of the choices or as many as all of the choices, depending on the question.
  • No credit is given unless you select all of the correct choices and no others.
  • If the question specifies how many answer choices to select, select exactly that member of choices.
2nd type: Numeric Entry Questions
  • Enter your answer in the answer box(es) below the questions.
  • Enter the exact answer unless the question asks you to round your answer.
3rd type: Quantitative Comparison Questions
  • Some questions give you two quantities, Quantity A and Quantity B.
  • Compare the two quantities and choose one of the following answer choices.
    • A if quantity A is greater
    • B if quantity B is greater
    • C if the two quantities are equal
    • D if you cannot determine the relationship based on the given information.


  • You will also be asked Data Interpretation Questions, which are grouped together and refer to the same table, graph or other data presentation.
  • These questions ask the examinee to interpret or analyze the given data.
  • The types of questions may be multiple-choice (both types) or Numeric Entry.

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