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IELTS Coaching

IELTS is International English Language Testing System which is mandatory for everyone who aspires to study or move to any of the English speaking countries ,such as USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. IELTS offers a maximum of 9-bands score and is conducted by two autonomous organizations namely: The British Council and IDP Australia.

Test Structure

Candidates are tested in Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking. Total test time is 2 hours 45 minutes. The first three modules- Listening, Reading and Writing- are taken at a stretch in one day. The speaking module will be taken, at the discretion of the test center, in the period of seven days before or after the other Modules.

IELTS – Pattern
Section Number of Questions Time
Listening 40 30 Minutes
Reading 40 60 Minutes
Writing 2 Tasks 60 Minutes
Speaking 20 Questions (around) 15 Minutes

In the listening module, students are expected to listen foreign conversations audios and answer the questions which follow. In the reading section the test takers are expected to read the passage and answer the questions. In the writing section, two tasks will be given to the students and they are expected to write based on the task given. The last section of IELTS is Speaking wherein a face-to-face interview will be conducted between the examiner and the candidate where the examiner assesses the proficiency of the candidate in terms of Fluency and Coherence, Vocabulary, Grammatical Range and accuracy and Pronunciation. IELTS is a paper based test and can be taken according to the test dates announced.

What you should know about the sections

Listening Reading Writing Speaking
British Accent Long passages Two tasks One to one interview
Idioms Dry content Ability to describe, analyze & argue over Don’t give one-word answers
Answer while you listen Technical Jargon,
Time Hurdles,
Peculiar Question Models
Standard format Be fluent in speech

The individual module's Band score is considered as per the requirement

9 - Expert User
8 - Very Good User
7 - Good User
6 - Competent User
5 - Modest User
4 - Limited User
3 - Extremely Limited User
2 - Intermittent User
1 - Non User
0 - Did not attempt the test