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  • New Zealand education system has an international repute as a provider of quality education. It is progressive and has many contemporary educational facilities. Offering a self-learning experience, New Zealand offers a safe learning environment with superb study opportunities and academic support services for global students. Academic programs are available at all possible levels in New Zealand in a number of educational Institutions, Universities, Polytechnics Institutes of Technology, Colleges, Secondary Schools and Private Training Organizations
  • The Secondary Education can be done either at a state school or a private school. After the secondary education, the students enter into the 'tertiary education system' of New Zealand.. Some of them offer foundation programmes also. There are lots of specializations offered in these universities that enable the students to choose from a wide choice of programs.
  • They offer a wide variety of programmes, which can be both academically and vocationally, focused. Students can choose from a short course teaching a specific skill or from a wide range of courses resulting in a certificate, a diploma or a degree. There are six government-funded specialist education institutions, two operating from within universities, and the others offering their programmes in collaboration with their local university. They offer training for teachers from early childhood to primary, secondary, special and tertiary or higher education.
  • There are a growing number of private tertiary education and training providers offering an alternative study option. They offer a range of programmes including professional certificates, diplomas and degrees in a diverse range of subjects including art, hospitality industry, computer studies, secretarial studies, quality management and other subjects. Apart from all the above tertiary educational system of New Zealand, there are lots of quality language schools that offer a variety of language courses for all ages including adventure, business and educational programmes. These language schools are also a part of New Zealand's tertiary education system.
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