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Mediums Unified – the most novel pedagogy for the students of regional (Gujarati or Hindi) mediums.

“We have heard a lot about you, but let me tell you frankly that I am not from English medium” (………aapde badhu Gujarati medium maaj kairu che, ho) is the cliché that we encounter almost daily on our enquiry desks. Understanding the trend and fathoming the remedy, we have designed an unparalleled methodology that typically manages these concerns of students. We proclaim it to be the most unprecedented approach that is circumscribed to us…..and only to us.

And the most enticing fact of this phenomenon is ………….IT WORKS.

The English Psyche:-

Has someone ever told you that English is not the English only, it is a lot of science. Insane…childish …..Absurd, whatever it may sound, our students find it typically rational. Gone are those days, when the language aspirants were expected to cram the long-winded rules of redundant grammatical books (or the bossy pamphlets of peremptory coaching institutes for that matter). Youngsters of modern India would not even vote for an unreasoned politician. Then, how to justify teaching these pupils the same obsolete, convoluted and unfeasible language concepts. Alas, many would say that we are trying be smart…. English is much tougher than that of your claims….they would say. These are those self-proclaimed coaching institutes and teachers, just like the few dishonest politicians, who feed themselves on the fear that comes out of innocent ignorance. Such people keep buzzing the false alarm so that they may run the facile means of earning monies. We, here, are up for turning the tide. The incisive acumen and subjective cognizance of our team has yielded a product that works as a maverick in setting up the most modish and novel patterns of English learning. The patterns that delve deep into the most issues of students and that are designed as per the psyche of the language. These methods, other than their tranquil applications, accrue requisite norms of the exam and then make the student embark upon the uniquely designed academic tools.

In simple words ……..we teach English, at least required English scientifically.

Words Unlimited – its only words and words are all I have

Now this can easily be miscomprehended as imagining the long, incongruous, belaboured vocab hand-outs meant to overwhelm a student with said –to-be (not really) ornamental language. But, does the exam really demand these high-frequency words? Will learning a long word list make a student score high? The answer for each of the two is simple no. The exam typically doesn’t demand many difficult words rather it seeks the relevant words. Words that can be termed uncommon in usage but can also be used often with the subject of discussion, which makes this vocab learning tricky, and this remains to be our USP. We know exactly how to make you vocab rich. With our vocab learning techniques, we shall make you learn the nuances of lexical requirements of the exam.

Essay Kaise:- As in other sections of the exam preps, we have our own operational patterns of teaching the writing section. We take writing as music, as it requires a writer to be consonant. It even asks the harmony or flow. All in all, writing essays, like a mellifluous song, is an art that requires artistic endeavours to be made. So, here it is, the musical composition of essays writing: SARGAM

Stylistic structure:- we, with this incipient stage, teach our students the flow with which an essay is expected to be written. Every paragraph has a rationale which should be the perception of writing that peculiar para. And this is what we teach here….. THE STYLE

Attaining task:- IELTS writing topics, as they may seem, can easily be misconstrued as what they are not essentially, which makes the writing section to be one of the trickiest issues to work upon. In most questions, it requires a hawk’s eye to hit the write node. We, in this part, teach our students the understanding of lyrics of essay topic, continuing our musical trends.

Rehearsal:- “practice makes a man perfect” be it in music or in writing. This is what we do to improve our students with regular, in house, sessions of writing, and with the home assignments which are analysed habitually (Please read “habitually” again as we really do it habitually) by an individual faculty assigned for the essay, and this helps our students fathom their errors irrespective of they being the most trivial one.

Grammar melodies:- Grammar remains to be one of the most daunting words for aspirants of the exam. As if the word itself was not enough, the students are encumbered with the pressure of exhibiting “the grammatical range”, as it remains one of the most important pre-requisites of the exam to score high-bands. We, in our musical milieu, have not missed on this. So, we offer an exotic bland of grammatical nuances by means of abundant grammatical melodies which are nothing but the tricks of including the complexities of grammar, without actually getting deep.

Aesthetic writing:- no composition can be termed “stroke of genius” unless it is rife with the aesthetics of ragas and sur, same goes with writing also. Unless an essay is embellished with the touch of class, it rarely hits high-score. We, with our exquisite knack, have designed many techniques to add beauty in our writing. Thus, scoring high comes in the purview of our students easily.

Midas-touch:- the cake is ready but the cherry is left. This is the most significant panacea that resolves issues of almost all students (our students). So, it is better to get revealed only when you are ready here to hit the stage. To explain better, after one gets ready with the musical composition, the one needs the incisive support of mic, speakers and musical instruments, and this is what this part does.

The Bookworms

Though the exam is known to test the aspirants’ ability in the usage of English language, yet the parameters that decide the competence levels stretch way more than the mere language. Thus, getting acquainted with the precise manipulations of the exam becomes imperative. Taking no credit away from the extent of English language used by the books available in the market, we find most of these books (and in the name of books, the sham that is run by many coaching institutes) futile, as they lack necessary relevance with the exam. What is more, these books remain intangible to the eclectic standards of the student. Our material satiates this discreet obligation. So much so for those who love to delve deep into the available content to gain the all-important erudition.

Corriging The Incorrigible

“patterns” the word includes a lot more than what we think it does. Life style of people in a community has patterns, the attire the people of a particular area put on has a pattern, the food that prevails in a region has pattern, and a lot more can be included in the list…almost everything. The habitat and ambience that we dwell into influence our mental and psychological growth to a large extent. Our strengths are the ramifications of our existence in a particular way, so are our debilities (weaknesses). The same axiom applies to learning the language. People of a particular area exhibit strikingly similar English-language deformities. Understanding the same, we, here, have developed some highly relevant workshops (projector based) out of the common issues that are rife in the language usage of the students. Our students find their issues (those which are often expected to be incorrigible) getting addressed even before they utter a word in the classroom, making the relevance of our methodology clearer in their mind.

Speaker’s Delight

We believe “the only way to improve speaking is to speak”, and if someone is there to point out your errors while you speak then it can be really wonderful, isn’t it? Won’t it be a blessing in disguise if that someone is an expert of English language? Truly it would be. We, at our institute, make you realize this dream. With around 15 simulating mock interviews, we suffice you with feel of real EXAM. These one-on-one interviews are conducted in the exam-imitating ambience and with our cognizant faculties who are accomplished with necessary skills and with the aptitude of dealing with the students of myriad backgrounds.

The Sandwich

Our students love to get sandwiched, as from one side we make them learn the basic nuances of English language (not traditionally, but in our own way off course), then from the other side we make them prepare for the precise exam parameters only.