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Student Visa

The Power Of 3: Three Stage Visa-file Verification

Check, double check, and check again …this is what we do with every file that we prepare for our visa- aspirants. The three different, in-house, visa-experts look into the file for any discrepancy and then compare it with our standard checklist. This avoids any initial glitch that may ruin the entire career of an aspirant (a common case with many shaming study-abroad agents). Remember ….a good beginning is half done.

The Purple Patch: No Beating Around The Bush

Showing not real visas, claiming someone else’s visa case as own, promising things beyond reality, making a false case of success are the few of the many traits of the imposters of visa-world. Sadly, our line of business is rife with such people. We, in our turn, would never be found to be indulged in any such fakery. Rather we would love to speak less than what we do, still 90% seems rational for our visa-success ratio. This all may sound more realistic, on your first visit at our premises.

Redesigning You – SOPs and LORs: The Smart Honesty

While the significance of SOPs and LORs for admissions in most universities needs no description, the making of these remains arduous for pupils (even for most visa-agents). We, in our turn, have made SOPs & LORs our USP, so much so that our performance in these SOPs and LORs decides the VISA success in many cases. Aspirants many times go all gaga to find themselves to be so nicely presented that too without any beguiling or spurious statements being made. We believe a fine SOP requires an honest representation of one’s achievement but not without the smart touch of intellect. Last but not the least, we take the onus of SOPs & LORs not our students, as we acknowledge experience as key for this crucial aspect of visa – process.

Simulating Interviews – Full Throttle Grilling

Before giving visas, most of the countries conduct visa – interviews to check the candidates’ eligibility. These interviews, equipped with variety of daunting questions, are capable of rejecting the visa of otherwise strong aspirant. With no past experience of any such repartee, the aspirants find these interviews to be extremely pulverizing. We, with our experience, and with our expert team, have got a most incisive resort. The mock interviews we conduct at our premises are so simulating and germane that the aspirants, almost in all cases, find nothing new when they hit the real ones (interviews). Also, we make sure that none of the student must be restricted with the number of interviews that he/ she is expected to grill into.

The Universal Brotherhood – Your Family Abroad

If people of Gujarat are ubiquitous or global then our past students have noticeable contribution in it. We are proud of our past students who are now more of a family and love to be in constant touch. After around 15 years of fruition, we find ourselves into a pleasant situation in which our new entrant get regular support from our past students, sometimes even before we know it. The universalites love to help another universalite, especially abroad. This makes accommodation, food and sometimes even part-time jobs not so difficult to seek.

No Commission From Forex:

Commission from commission has become yet another way of stealing money from innocent visa – aspirants. Rarely, the aspirants know that for many parts of the visa-process the amount of money that they pay remains way more than the actual amount that they should have paid. For instance, many fraud visa- agents claim to handle the forex for the aspirants themselves, charging a lot more money from the aspirants, which, in most of these cases, include the commission of the visa-agent. We have always refrained from such income, as study abroad is a costly affair already. To us, charging such commissions seems all too cheap and unscrupulous, so no commission from commission.

Fooling The Fools – Honesty Defines Us

“Killing the goose that laid golden eggs”…… what would you call it shrewd business or act of a madcap? The answer is obvious…typical madcap, yet this is what many visa – agents do when they trap an innocent individual in their coax. While an honest via- process for such an individual would have yielded them a platform to build their line of business relying on hard work and knowledge, such agents, antagonistically, prefer exacting even the last penny from the pockets of the aspirant. They literally consider the aspirants the goose on which they may lay their hands only once and thus prefer squeezing the aspirant as much as they can. While boasting about their artifice, such agents often say the aspirant may not come again, so only a fool may let an aspirant skip. And this is what we abhor the most. 15 years of successful existence has affirmed our belief on the norms of honesty. We find ourselves into an extremely comfortable position, as our students always vouch for us anytime, anywhere. So those who try to fool the gullible visa – aspirants must ask themselves…..who is the real fool?